Monday, August 30, 2010

Watch my beam shot.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bendera buang2 duit, dan merusak pemandangan.

Ck ck ck.

Adrian Adioetomo

Got the blues.

Adrian Adioetomo

Amazing blues guitarist.

Adrian Adioetomo preparation.

Cirque du Sajama Cut.

Massive until Morning.

Performance at Cirque du Sajama Cut.

Bite on stage.

Cirque du sajama cut.

2 step north.

Cirque du sajama cut. Fx music.

2 step north.

Instrumental music, cirque du sajama cut. Fx music.


Kelapa Gading.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Lagi bobo.


. . . Feels like.

Have problems with telemarketer?

Here are a few tips and tricks about how to not losing your temper into these unlucky persons (whom work as telemarketer).
Well, i've been there, done that as tele marketer, also as person on the other side.
And as i'm currently on the other side, i have a few tips to handle these tenacious by training persons.

1. Threat them.
We usually ignoring them by turn down the phone, well i'm not suggesting it. Here what was i done before, when a bank's telemarketer tried to offer me a credit card.
Me : hello
TM : hello mr. Eric, my name is xxx, from bank xxx, want to offer you credit card
So you're currently using a (she mention my one and only credit card)
Me : well mrs.XXX what's your complete name, your branch office?, and WHERE DO YOU GET MY CONTACT? let me tell you, i don't like people giving away my data to other people.
So please ERASE MY NAME from your list.
And from whom you get my contact again?
TM : errrrrrrr.... (she mentioned a name and a bank's name and the branch office)
Me : thank you.

later on, i called the bank she mentioned, and tell the customer service over there.
Please tell mrs (the name the TM mentioned), from branch xxx, don't try to give my data to other person. or else i'll write a letter to newspapers.

Makan Mie: Mie Kocok Ibu Tien.

Aroma nya menggetarkan jiwa
Khas mie kocok, berisi mie, kikil, ditambah daun bawang, tauge, dan disiram dengan kuah kaldu yang masih segar.
Membuat rasa mie kocok ibu Tien ini spesial.
Kikil nya renyah dan gurih

Lokasi nya rada-rada nyempil didalam gang di jl.Kayu Putih IX d/10, Jakarta Timur.
Bisa delivery ke daerah sekitarnya, tinggal menghubungi (021) 472 0005 saja.

Selain mie kocok juga ada mie ayam bakso, dan masakan lain nya.
Harga cukup murah, sekitar rp.5000 sampai rp.20.000.

oh iya, Mie Kocok ini halal.
Saya minta porsi dobel... kenyang

My mom canteen.

Jl. Kayu Putih IXD no 10. Jakarta Timur. Bakso asoi.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Six Guns yellow by Brian Flynn.

From the Ghost Land blind box series, released by Super 7.

The Hidden Character of Bearbrick 20.


Optimus prime.

Bootleg keycharm.
With a led light on his head.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Osabot the angry robot in this neighborhood.

He randomly beating people.

I try to draw like Osamu Tezuka, he drawn his character start from their hand and feet, to create dynamic pose.
Here is an attemp by me.

A new seven eleven store.

Will be opened just next to my office.