Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Space Series Brick

Brick, not a Lego, but looks just the same

I went to a local store, and attracted by this Lego rip-off by a company called Kino Toys that do a special promotion with the Indomaret store to release 4 series of Space suited brick characters and their vehicle.

comes with a manual.

the box

And this is the first series, (told if you buy all four, and lucky enough to be the first hundreds coupon senders, you can have a big space station), but i don't really interested about that big station.
they came in plastic wrap.
The price at the store are Rp.12000,- or almost equal to 1.2 USD, and just third of Lego Minifig blindboxes.
we're going to build a spaceship
 the Brick set, not as smooth as Lego, but what can you expect? for something priced much less than Lego?
I finished doing this piece in about 10 minutes, and pretty much satisfied with the final looks of this figure.
A monster encounter
with his own jetpack.
So overall, as a figure, this one is not a top notch, but for something really cheap like this, you'll actually love Brick. Especially if you can't afford the Lego lifestyle.

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